Alloting Studios

Conscious of the necessity for artists to have a workspace, the Fondation des Artistes is engaged in an ongoing studio building project since its creation in 1976. Directly -or indirectly through social housing structures-, it manages a property portfolio of 91 studio-houses in partnerships with townhalls and the state. 

They are split in four groups: 

In Nogent-sur-Marne: 

  • 36 studios at the Hameau (Avenue Madeleine Smith-Champion)
  • 35 studio-houses at the Cité Guy-Loë (Rue Agnès Sorel and Avenue Gugnon)

In Paris: 

  • 4 studios on Impasse Savart in the 19th arrondissement
  • 16 studio-houses at Faubourg Poissonnière in the 9th arrondissement  

These studios are meant to provide plastic artists in activity -and able to prove their tax regime as an artist- with a creative space without limitations of age or nationality. 

How to apply? 

To apply, artists have to download and fill up the application form, and then send it to the following address: 

Fondation des Artistes
Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild
11 rue Berryer
75008 Paris

In addition to the form, artists also have to send their portfolio as well as the required administrative elements. Each application will be registered upon its date of reception by the foundation and given a file number. 

The Fondation des Artistes will get in touch with applicants whenever a studio becomes available. Additional elements and/or updates on the information provided in the application may be required. A commission will then review the applications of all eligible artists and allot the vacant studio. 

When the studio is allotted, a lease is signed, and a monthly rent is established. 

Download the application form to apply for a studio 

The Fondation des Artistes directly manages the studios of the Hameau below the park of Nogent-sur-Marne.