Art Production Grant

The grant commission 

In December 2011, the Fondation des Artistes launched a major production grant program endowed with an annual budget of 500,000 €. It is the biggest private production grant program in France. Since 2011, it helps fund the production of about a hundred artistic projects for a total amount of several million euros. 

This production grant is directed at working plastic artists or with a long-term project in France without limitation of age, nationality or practice. The grant aims at supporting ambitious and innovative projects in their preparatory phase (research residency, production etc.). It is meant for the first stage of development of the project and can, by no mean, be used to cover the costs incurred by post-production and diffusion. 

The grant commission is in charge of reviewing applications. It is composed of the director of the Fondation des Artistes, two representatives of the Ministry of Culture (Directorate-General for Artistic Creation and Inspection of Artistic Creation), as well as four distinguished personalities nominated for two years by the foundation’s board of directors. 

List of beneficiaries of the production grant commission since 2011 (page in French only)

Distinguished personalities who juried in the production grant commission since its creation (page in French only)