Showcase contemporary creation in its Art Center: The MABA

The MABA (Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz -after the name of the general inspector at the origin of the Fondation des Artistes in 1976) was created in 2006 in the mansion of the painter Madeleine Smith-Champion, one of the foundation’s patrons, to support the production and diffusion of contemporary creation. 

The MABA is part of the building complex managed by the Fondation des Artistes in Nogent-sur-Marne. It is located in a wooden park that houses the Maison nationale des artistes, a nursing home for aging artists, as well as two complexes of artist studios – the Hameau and the Cité Guy-Loë. 

The MABA has set for mission to promote and give visibility to contemporary creation and foster experimental projects. To that effect, it organizes three monographic or group exhibitions every year, featuring the works of artists of all nationalities. The exhibition held at the beginning of the year is dedicated to the diversity of practices in contemporary creation, the spring exhibition questions the fixed and the animated image, and the autumn exhibition focuses on graphic design. 

Transmission and education are core values of the MABA project, which aims at making contemporary creation accessible to the widest audience. 

Since 2016, the MABA has also been publishing digital exhibition catalogs distributed by ABM Distribution and downloadable on ArtBook. 

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List of all the MABA exhibitions (page in French only)

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